When I was a part of the Avalanche Write Club (before the studio closed), one of our exercises was to write loglines for our projects. A logline is a sentence-long distillation of your story. It’s essentially the description you would see in a Netflix menu. It is obviously quite challenging reducing a full story to a single sentence, but it does help you determine the main thrust of your narrative. Here are a few attempts, including one for my upcoming story The Tediad. The rest are potential future projects.

The Tediad

On the eve of the Trojan War, a potter with ambitions that don’t extend far beyond his own workshop is thrust into a world of scheming gods, mythical creatures, and a seemingly endless supply of epithets.

The Kit

A drummer named Cache is devastated when his band, Snakewish, breaks up, and he can only get back on his feet with the help of his talking bass drum Bash.


A paleontologist is given the chance to visit the Cretaceous, but she is required to do it in the body of a shrew-sized mammalian ancestor due to ethical sanctions on sending humans back in time.

Forgo Island

A man journeys to the remote environmental preserve in the South Pacific where his late wife’s research on a nearly extinct flightless bird remains unfinished.

Tadpoleon (children’s book)

Tadpoleon is the only one of his tadpole siblings to not grow legs in a rapidly dwindling pond.


A dolphin enacts revenge upon the whalers that butchered his pod by becoming human himself and infiltrating the above world.


In an oppressive theocracy, a church-sponsored scientist is imprisoned for her crime of peering into a microscope.


A child colonist from a barely habitable planet is adopted and taken off-world by three alien outcasts.