Stompster: The Apologetic Monster

Stompster (The Apologetic Monster) takes the giant kaiju monster genre and turns it slightly to the right so that you can see the glint of tears trailing down the side of the monster’s face. You play as Stompster, two-time award-winning Monster of the Year and legendary guardian of the Monster City. Typically at rest in his volcanic abode, the citizens once again call upon Stompster to defend them from alien invaders. Stompster can topple a building of any height and he can emit beams of destructive energy, impressive skills that are entirely counterproductive to the task of protecting a city. Navigate through the city carefully, or you might end up being the real monster.

The Crew
Produced by Bingjie Xue, Bolun Li, Chester Cunanan, Daniel Newman, James Lee, Jason Kirk, Jenna Dundas, Justin Patterson, Liang Du, Tom Goldman, Yiqun Shao, Yue Zhou, Catherine Hamilton, Michael Wagner

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