Disney Infinity 3.0

I worked at Avalanche Software / Disney Interactive, initially as an Intern and then as a full-time Art Outsourcing Coordinator. I was involved in shipping Disney Infinity 3.0 and all its playsets and expansions. I worked with external art teams, provided and relayed feedback, art-directed 3D game assets, documented modeling workflows, did some level rendering and population, and completed several in-house concept and model tasks. Here is a sample of the work I accomplished in my time there:

3D Modeling

I had the chance to model several characters and props, including Ramsey from Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.

Concept Art

Art Direction

As an Art Outsourcing Coordinator, I art-directed several different assets and made sure they conformed to the Disney Infinity aesthetic. Here is a sample of the some of the assets I worked closely with.