The Great Incognitum

This was a research project I was involved with at Drexel University. I served as the Lead Artist on this project and helped to produce most of the 2D and 3D assets.

Research Description

Our goal in this project is to understand how to automatically co-regulate, balancing learners’ autonomy and the pedagogical processes intended by educators. We focus our efforts on exploring experience management (EM), a family of new AI techniques that are gaining popularity in entertainment-based interactive systems but are not yet sufficiently explored in educational domains. Through the use of an interactive digital learning environment this exploratory project seeks to collect preliminary data about 1) the relationship between a learner’s achievement goal orientations (learning orientation) and play style, and 2) the impact of dynamically adjusting the learning environment using Experience Management on learner’s autonomy and learning outcomes.

The Team

PI: Jichen Zhu, Co-PI: Glen Muschio, Aroutis Foster, Grad Students: Josep Valls, Justin Patterson, Daniel Newman

Development Art:

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