Homecoming King

Homecoming King

This past November I helped organize our first highschool class reunion, the big 10.

Despite the social over-stimulation, unexpected expenditures, 40 year old party crashers, I think the night turned out well enough. It was honestly good to see everyone.

I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but I had secretly written a short speech just in case I was asked to. It was folded in my inside coat pocket the whole night.

I’m kind of glad I wasn’t asked to give it. First of all, I would have had to compete with the band playing downstairs. Secondly, despite my delusions of prominence, the night was not about me.

So, here it is, inexplicable hot-pocket jokes and all.

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The Salt Year – Part Two

The Inversion

In my motel during the first week in SLC, I was reading an article about changes to the city’s New Years Eve celebration. The locals were considering replacing the traditional firework show with a giant disco ball, because of something called The Inversion. I read the word again. Thinking that I had missed an important sentence somewhere, I searched the article for some sort of hint as to the nature of this ominous proper noun.

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The Making of Entomojo

(I apologize. The site went down, and this post was lost. I’m currently trying to rewrite it)



I decided this year to do a write up about an art piece as I was producing it. This is an attempt to bridge my interests in producing visual art with a burgeoning interest in recreational writing. I hope this entry addresses how this work was produced and what creative decisions I made.

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The Salt Year – Part One

Eager parent, screaming child

I have never been an innately adventurous person. While most kids at summer camp were taking part in the ropes course or the archery range, I was hanging out in the warm terrarium light glow of the nature center. During my stay at Providence College, I hardly ever ventured off the insular campus to explore the surrounding city. I had cultivated for myself a very comfortable comfort zone.

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